Graham Cooke

I think the biggest enemy in the church is not the devil. It’s our own passivity. At some point the Good News becomes okay news and Christianity is no longer life changing but merely life enhancing. If Jesus doesn’t change people into radicals anymore, just nice people, then the church becomes dull, predictable, and monotonous. Dullness is the absence of brightness in our soul. Sometimes I think that sin is not necessarily immorality or selfishness. Sometimes it just means we live drab, colorless, stale, and unimaginative lives before God.

Harold Eberle

Because we have a free will, some people become good and others bad, but everyone has faults. With this view we tend to see society’s advancement as a struggle between good and evil. When the righteous rise up, good prevails. When the unrighteous rule, evil prevails. This means the moral and spiritual progress of humanity is not only dependent upon what God is doing in the world, but also what people do. The conditions of the earth are very much dependent upon us.

Harold Eberle
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Ed Stetzer


How are we loving when we are silent on injustice? What good are our claims to love when we shrink back when the voices get too loud or caustic or personal? There will always be good excuses and proof texts to justify a shrug of the shoulders, but we must fight passivity and look to the God who took action on our behalf.