Graham Cooke

I think the biggest enemy in the church is not the devil. It’s our own passivity. At some point the Good News becomes okay news and Christianity is no longer life changing but merely life enhancing. If Jesus doesn’t change people into radicals anymore, just nice people, then the church becomes dull, predictable, and monotonous. Dullness is the absence of brightness in our soul. Sometimes I think that sin is not necessarily immorality or selfishness. Sometimes it just means we live drab, colorless, stale, and unimaginative lives before God.

Watchman Nee

Satan has in fact a plan against the saints of the Most High which is to wear them out. What is meant by this phrase, “wear out”? It has in it the idea of reducing a little this minute, then reducing a little further the next minute. Reduce a little today, reduce a little tomorrow. Thus the wearing out is almost imperceptible; nevertheless, it is a reducing. The wearing down is scarcely an activity of which one is conscious, yet the end result is that there is nothing left. He will take away your prayer life little by little, and cause you to trust God less and less and yourself more and more, a little at a time. He will make you feel somewhat cleverer than before. Step by step, you are misled to rely more on your own gift, and step by step your heart is enticed away from the Lord. Now, were Satan to strike the children of God with great force at one time, they would know exactly how to resist the enemy since they would immediately recognize his work. He uses the method of gradualism to wear down the people of God.

Jack Frost

When Christians value the Father more for what He can do for them than for intimacy and love, they eventually begin to seek to fulfill their own selfish desires rather than enjoy the relationship they have with God. Then, in order to fill the void that has been created, they seek comfort or identity in one or more of the counterfeit affections—power, possessions, position, people, places, performance, or passions of the flesh. This vicious cycle can continue until they realize that what they are lusting for will not satisfy them and that they have an unmet need for love and intimacy that only Father God’s embrace can fulfill.

Dawna De Silva

Many Christians today are told that their biblical views are intolerant and unloving. This, however, is itself intolerance. Tolerance does not mean that individual values are rejected. The dictionary says that tolerance is “the ability to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.” That word, by definition, means that both worldly and Christian views get to coexist.