K P Yohannan

When you are faced with disappointments and when all around you seems hopeless, do not give up or try to solve the problem yourself. Satan tries to use these disappointments to discourage you and bring you down, but God can use them for a better purpose. Go to Christ instead. He is able to lead you out of your discouragement. And if you focus on Him, He will use times of trials in your life to bring you closer to Him. You need only to look to Him. He is willing. Make your choice.

Madame Jeanne Guyon

What is prayer? Prayer is a certain warmth of love. ah but much more. Prayer is a melting! Prayer is a dissolving and an uplifting of the soul. This warmth of love, this melting, this dissolving, this uplifting causes the soul to ascend to God. As the soul is melted, sweet fragrance begins to rise from it. these fragrances pour forth from a consuming fire of love… and that love is in you. It is a consuming fire of love in your innermost being, a fire of love for God.

Christine Caine

Life can get hard, and it’s easy to get mired in feelings of insecurity, fear, doubt, anger and confusion. If we keep trying to preserve what only God can renew, we will continue to struggle. And then we won’t be able to give anything to the lost and dying world that surrounds us. But if we go to the source Himself, if we fill ourselves daily with His living Word and refreshing presence, guess what happens? Whatever we are struggling against begins to fade away and is replaced by God’s love, joy, peace and hope.

Corrie Ten Boom

I prayed to dispel my fear, until suddenly, and I do not know how the idea came to me, I began to pray for others. I prayed for everyone who came into my thoughts – – people with whom I had traveled, those who had been in prison with me, my school friends of years ago. I do not know how long I continued my prayer, but this I do know – – my fear was gone! Interceding for others had released me!