Henri J.M. Nouwen

When Jesus speaks about the world, he is very realistic. He speaks about wars and revolutions, earthquakes, plagues and famines, persecution and imprisonment, betrayal, hatred and assassinations. There is no suggestion at all that these signs of the world’s darkness will ever be absent. But still, God’s joy can be ours in the midst of it all. It is the joy of belonging to the household of God whose love is stronger than death and who empowers us to be in the world while already belonging to the kingdom of joy.

Katherine Walden

At this very moment, as you read these words, all things are being made new. How you choose to be a steward of this moment is up to you. Never take this precious gift of newness for granted. Choose to cherish the potential of ‘all things new’, through the power that His resurrection gives you. Relationships strained, mistakes made, sins you commit, bring them to the cross. Treasure the gift of newness he grants you every day.

Pete Greig

‘Created’ is the first verb in the Bible, and the primary thing we know about God is that he creates. To be made in God’s image is therefore to be creative. To be filled with his Spirit is to overflow with his imagination and celebration. To be a Christian is to live positively and not destructively, to make ugly things beautiful, and to make chaos meaningful.

Vaneetha Risner

Replacing “what if” with “even if” in our mental vocabulary is one of the most liberating exchanges we can ever make. We trade our irrational fears of an uncertain future for the loving assurance of an unchanging God. We see that even if the very worst happens, God will carry us. He will still be good. And he will never leave us.

Ray Johnston

Things Will Never Change. This toxic, dangerous thought process has the power to destroy your marriage, friendships, and career. These four words, Things Will Never Change, replace confidence with cynicism. These four words, Things Will Never Change, replace high hopes with depression and despair. These four words, Things Will Never Change, blind people to the possibility that God might have better days ahead. These four words, Things Will Never Change, are so powerful they can handcuff the hands of God. Jesus didn’t do any miracles in His hometown of Nazareth. Why? The Bible says, “because of their unbelief” (Matthew 13:58 NKJV).

Rick Warren

If you think your life is beyond repair or your best days are all behind you, you’re wrong. If you think it’s impossible for God to bring good out of bad, you’re wrong. No matter how broken your life may seem, no matter how badly things have fallen apart, Jesus can make you whole again.