Harold Eberle

Because we have a free will, some people become good and others bad, but everyone has faults. With this view we tend to see society’s advancement as a struggle between good and evil. When the righteous rise up, good prevails. When the unrighteous rule, evil prevails. This means the moral and spiritual progress of humanity is not only dependent upon what God is doing in the world, but also what people do. The conditions of the earth are very much dependent upon us.

Harold Eberle
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Dallas Willard

Faith is a living well-founded confidence in the grace of God so perfectly certain that it would die thousand times rather than surrender its conviction. Such confidence and personal knowledge of divine grace makes its possessor joyful, bold, and full of warm affection towards God and all created things, all of which the Holy Spirit works in faith.

Ed Stetzer

Love is sacrificial in its actions and intents. It stands up to injustice, unrighteousness, and oppression regardless of the personal or professional costs to us. I would argue that sacrifice is the most difficult facet of winsome love. Silence is often a tempting alternative to engagement in this age, when the slightest misstep can unleash a disproportionate quality and quantity of outrage. But when we choose sacrificial love, we move from nice words to concrete actions. Sometimes, as we will see, such love requires that we pay a heavy price.


George Muller

Our holy faith does not consist in talking. ”Reality, reality, reality,” is what we want. Let us have heart-work; let us be genuine. Brethren! we should live so as to be missed – missed both in the Church and in the world, when we are removed. Oh how rapidly is time hastening on! We should live in such a manner as that, if we were called hence, our dear brethren and sisters might feel our loss, and from their inmost souls exclaim, “Oh that such a one were in our midst again! ” We ought to be missed even by the world. Worldly persons should be constrained to say of us, “If ever there was a Christian upon earth, that man was one.”