Clint Pascal

You can be a “Thermometer” Christian or a “Thermostat” Christian. The thermometer registers and reflects the spiritual status around it – in other words, “He’s not acting holy, so I’m not going to”. But the thermostat sets the temperature for the spiritual status around it. Thermostats walk into a room and go, “It’s a little cold in here, Lord – let’s heat it up.” Thermostats are change agents and affect others around them. Don’t go with the flow – be a thermostat.

Pete Greig

‘Created’ is the first verb in the Bible, and the primary thing we know about God is that he creates. To be made in God’s image is therefore to be creative. To be filled with his Spirit is to overflow with his imagination and celebration. To be a Christian is to live positively and not destructively, to make ugly things beautiful, and to make chaos meaningful.

Bob Guier

Jesus was not crucified for being nice. He was crucified for being bold and confrontational. Don’t misunderstand. He was the kindest person who ever lived, but he wasn’t a sap. He knew when kindness and empathy were called for, but he also knew when it was time to get in someone’s face and tell them the truth. God has not called us to be nice. He has called us to be good. Nice people never confront evil and error; good people do.