Clark H Pinnock

It is hard to speak of any of the divine Persons worthily, since they transcend the world and tax the powers of reason. Yet it is easier to speak of Father and Son, if only because of the familiar family imagery employed in these designations. The Spirit, however, presents a unique challenge to speech. How does one render that reality that is wind, fire, breath, life—tangible yet intangible, invisible yet powerful, inexpressible yet intimate, powerful yet gentle, reliable yet unpredictable, personal yet impersonal, transcendent yet immanent?

Andrew Murray

Do not try to stir and arouse faith from within. How often I have tried to do that, and made a fool of myself! You cannot stir up faith from the depths of your heart. Leave your heart, and look into the face of Christ, and listen to what He tells you about how He will keep you.