Bob Guier

Jesus was not crucified for being nice. He was crucified for being bold and confrontational. Don’t misunderstand. He was the kindest person who ever lived, but he wasn’t a sap. He knew when kindness and empathy were called for, but he also knew when it was time to get in someone’s face and tell them the truth. God has not called us to be nice. He has called us to be good. Nice people never confront evil and error; good people do.

Sally McClung

The use of the word hope in the Bible seems to swing back and forth between the noun and verb side. Sometimes I’m not sure which it is. But I know that I must activate my hope in order to have faith for the things I’m praying for. Biblical hope is expecting what God has promised because He is faithful! I can activate my hope and trust Him. I can remember that hope is a verb and have hope, hope, hope for the impossible by faith because of God’s goodness and greatness and faithfulness.