John C. Maxwell

The object of mentoring is not perfection but improvement. Don’t feel as if you have to be flawless before you can begin to impart your wisdom and skills to others. Also, realize that the underlying purpose of mentoring is not for people to act differently but rather to become different. Such a change certainly doesn’t happen overnight; the process is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Lakisha Johnson

Beloved, stretch out. See, when you stretch out you keep your muscles from being fatigued. When you stretch out, you keep mobility in the parts of you God has need of. When you stretch out, things God promised, happens. And sometimes, your stretching will not just involve your hands, but it’ll be you, stretched out before the altar of God.

Lakisha Johnson
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Bill Johnson

The eleven tribal leaders wanted Aaron’s position, they didn’t consider him worthy. But the next morning they got up in Aaron’s rod had sprouted had buds, blossoms and ripe almonds. The point of anointed leadership is life; not just ripe moments, not just maturity. All leaders have to have maturity but they must also have areas where they’re just starting to learn. Kingdom leaders are marked by their continual development.