Paul Wilcox

Once I was praying and asked God to tell me about myself. He said you are like an oil lamp. Your body is the vessel, filled with oil, and the oil is the Holy Spirit. The wick is the Word. Trim the wick each day, cut off the old ashes of yesterday, pull up the wick (read some more to meditate on) for a bright flame. The flame is the Light of Christ, The Living Word, Jesus Himself. You are alive in me, and I am alive in you. Fire. Holy Fire. Illumination, warmth, joy, discernment, driving away darkness, yes, let there be Light.

Jo Ellen Stevens


The Church is always preparing us to die and go to the sweet by and by. All that is well and good but what some of us need is the Church to show us how to live the abundant life in the nasty now and now! It is time to be the light in the darkness of the night! People need to see the light in us! Otherwise Jesus would have saved us and took us on to heaven when we were born again! You are here for a reason! Arise shine!

Levi Lusko

When you’re a Christian and you’re going through a great time of difficulty, you will notice that those around you who don’t know Jesus Christ—especially those you’ve shared your faith with before—will lean in extra close. Their ears perk up. They want to see if what you have advertised is going to prove true in the product demonstration. You told them that Jesus is the light of your world. Well, now your power has been cut, and they want to see if you can glow in the dark. You.

Christine Caine

One thing has been made clear to me in this time — Jesus is our only source of reliable hope. Our source of peace. Our source of joy. Our source of love. While the world around us may be filled with chaos and confusion, I’m reminded that you and I are carriers of the hope of Jesus. We are filled with His peace, His power, and His presence. We have the opportunity to reflect and impart the light of Jesus to others around us.