A W Tozer

We must not get the impression that the Christian life is one continuous conflict, one unbroken irritating struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil. A thousand times no. A heart that learns to die with Christ soon knows the blessed experience of rising with Him, and all the world’s persecutions cannot still the high note of holy joy that springs up in the soul that has become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Rob Coscia

Peace isn’t just an absence of conflict. Peace is your powerful state in Jesus, the reality of his rest, wholeness, perspective, and presence in your life. It’s the ultimate defense against the enemy, because he has no answer for it. He can’t intimidate, manipulate, or corrupt anyone who lives in God’s peace. If you’ve lost your peace, it’s usually because you’ve stopped letting God be your source. Peace that depends on circumstances, or on what others do or don’t do, is going to get broken quickly.

Katherine Walden

Hold on, do not stop praying. Do not stop believing that the same God that Daniel cried out to is the same God to whom you cry out. Angels are already on assignment to see the fulfilment of your prayer. But you must hold on! Continue to contend for yourself and your family. Contend for freedom over cities and nations. Trust God that the help you need is in transit and is on the way even as you read this. God has already started the process. In fact, He started the very first time you prayed. (Daniel 10) But you must hold on in faith even as you cry out to God for the strength to hold on.

Francis Frangipane

If Satan cannot distract you with worldliness, he will overwhelm you with weariness. Indeed, how easy it is to wear ourselves out; even good works done without recharging ourselves in God can drain us of life and energy. Daniel speaks of a time at the end of the age when the enemy will attempt to “wear down the saints of the Highest One” (Dan. 7:25). God never intended for us to do His will without His presence. The power to accomplish God’s purpose comes from prayer and intimacy with Christ. It is here, closed in with God, where we find an ever-replenishing flow of spiritual virtue.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

We are all fighting the same enemy. If you read through the Bible, you will find that. Read through the subsequent history of the Christian church, and you will find that God’s people in times of persecution have always been driven together and cemented together in a much closer manner than they had ever been at any other time. They are fighting the same common foe, so they draw together. And as Christians… it should have this effect upon us: we are aware of one another, and we draw closer together; our love for one another is increased because of our circumstances.

Ann Mack

I will both lay down in peace and rest, for you God, cause me to dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8. We are in a battle, spiritually and physically. While we are doing what we need to do to combat all this craziness that is going on in the world, we must all remember to reset ourselves. To take breaks. To get away and do something else. Worship, dance, read your Bible. Go for a walk. This is what will make us stronger and keep us out of fear. Fear wants us to regress, to shut up, to stay silent, to freeze, do nothing. But I REFUSE to do nothing. When you are fearful, you will not make good decisions or have a clear head.