Francois Fenelon

What are you afraid of? Let God act. Abandon yourself to Him. You will suffer, but you will suffer with love, peace and consolation. You will fight, but you can carry off the victory, and God Himself, after having fought with you, will crown you with His own hand. You will weep, but your tears will be sweet, and God Himself will come with satisfaction to dry them. You will not be free any longer to give yourself up to your tyrannic passions, but you will sacrifice your liberty freely, and you will enter into a new liberty unknown to the world, in which you will do nothing except for love.

Nate Johnston

So many of you are waiting for someone to call your number and approve you before you jump out, roll out the red carpet, open the door, and give you a platform. I did this for years and all it did was create frustration in me and resentment that no one was seeing what I carried. All the while God was simply asking me to trust His approval and begin to step out daily.