Don Tuggle

Stay in the word of God and stay focused on His love for us. The greatest trap of the enemy is to throw flaming darts of offense, and it is always partnered with hurt and betrayal from family and close friends. No matter your circumstance, choose the promises of God over your situation every time. Don’t get distracted by the evil occurring all around us, stand, fear not because God has not and will not abandon us.

Michael Maiden

People with a spirit of offense will watch your life with a jaundiced critical view of all you say and do. They’re ready to pounce on the first thing you say or post they disagree with by unleashing personal attacks are unfollowing you. That is toxic, manipulative behaviour. Remind yourself that God loves them too, and refuse the impulse of responding to them in an ungodly way. Never be seduced into changing your core values, just to gain or keep followers.


Michael A Lee

Hate doesn’t always show up as hate in one’s heart. It begins as a seemingly cuddly little cub known as offense, which tells him or her how great he is and that the entire world hates him. As the cub is allowed to grow, it turns into an untameable beast known as hate which turns on everyone, including the keeper who coddled it and fed it. Be wary of what you entertain within your soul.