Amy Carmichael

We say, then, to anyone who is under trial, give Him time to steep the soul in His eternal truth. Go into the open air, look up into the depths of the sky, or out upon the wideness of the sea, or on the strength of the hills that is His also; or, if bound in the body, go forth in the spirit; spirit is not bound. Give Him time and, as surely as dawn follows night, there will break upon the heart a sense of certainty that cannot be shaken.

Adrei Bitov

In my twenty-seventh year, while riding the metro in Leningrad (now Petersburg) I was overcome with a despair so great that life seemed to stop at once, preempting the future entirely, let alone any meaning. Suddenly, all by itself, a phrase astonished: ‘Without God life makes no sense.’ Repeating it in astonishment, I rode the phrase up like a moving staircase, got out of the metro and walked into God’s light.

Kris Vallotton

It comforts me that Timothy struggled with fear, yet that did not disqualify him from his great call. For some reason, in seasons of intense conflict we often feel as if we are the only ones who have ever gone through such a thing before. We can feel alone, abandoned and isolated. But the truth is that “no temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man” (1 Corinthians 10:13). There is nothing we can experience that others have not gone through already. There is no depth of fear, no intensity of panic, no dark hole of depression and no hold of discouragement