Gretchen Rodriguez

What we say, especially during times of stress, reveals our truest beliefs. Our words unveil our fears and doubts. Anger and tears are more than moments of venting. They point to areas that need the healing touch of Jesus. Even sarcasm can indicate a place of wounding. Don’t mask your true feelings. Listen to your heart and tend to your soul. Being honest about what’s going on inside of you and taking steps to find freedom is vital. Invite Jesus into every area and hold nothing back.

Kris Vallotton

Independence, fear, and pride all keep us from the deep relationships that we need with God and His people. It is so important that we have people in our lives that we trust more than we trust ourselves. Do you have a relationship with someone you would trust with your life? If that person told you that you have a problem, and you were blind to it, would you believe that person even though it didn’t feel true? We need to build these kinds of relationships to keep us safe so we can live on the radical edge.

Dan McCollam

Some people think that putting yourself out there into the world is exalting yourself, but it’s not! In fact, it requires humility because we all know how painful it can actually be. It’s pride to not be vulnerable with your creativity. Because creativity is connected to the Divine nature, it is humble, and putting yourself out there is a step into humility. Releasing what’s inside you is not pride. It’s pride to hold onto it.


Ben Fitzgerald

Some of you aren’t doing okay out there. Some of you hide your feelings of loneliness, shame over things you did wrong, or the pressure of feeling you never do enough. God sees you, God wants to be closer to you, He has people who want to encourage you too. Stop hiding and trying in your own strength; this will only make things worse. Be vulnerable with Him and be real with a trusted friend and pray with them. Not all feelings are real, not all thoughts are truth. Cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you. (Psalm 35)

Kenneth Reid

We think we’re the only ones wrestling with doubt. But the truth is we’re not alone. We have doubt, just like everyone else; we act like we have more faith than we really do, just like everyone else; and we refuse to be honest about it for fear of being judged, just like everyone else. But people don’t need you to be strong. What people really need is for you to have the courage to be vulnerable about your struggles.