Graham Cooke

The highest call of God on your life is to be a laid down lover of Jesus, full stop. From that place flows the joy and grace to love others. The Jesus in you is bright, full of hope, and captivating. By loving the Lord wholeheartedly, people will be softened by the purity of your heart and inspired by your hope and passion. Living fully redeemed and lovesick is the greatest invitation of our generation and the pathway to true revival.

John Eldredge

We simply start saying, “I love you” as we turn our attention toward him for a moment or two. As I do so I find it helpful to recall some reason I love God: his goodness, the beauty of the world… a kindness I recently received. “God is the creator of everything I love.” Just repeat that to yourself, “God is the creator of everything I love.”

Brian Hardin

Are we social believers who, in the privacy of our own hearts, have no relationship with God? That is what happened to the world in Jesus’ time, and these questions are no less important today. God wants to set us apart so that we can be in the divine dance of life together with Him. Obedience isn’t about ritual enslavement. It’s about the persistent reminder in all things that He is near, and He’s leading us on the narrow path that leads to life.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The most vital question to ask about all who claim to be Christian is this: Have they a soul thirst for God? Do they long for this? Is there something about them that tells you that they are always waiting for His next manifestation of Himself? Is their life centred on Him? Can they say with Paul that they forget everything in the past? Do they press forward more and more that they might know Him and that the knowledge might increase, until eventually beyond death and the grave they may bask eternally in ‘the sunshine of His face?’ That I might know him!’

Paul Wilcox

Once I was praying and asked God to tell me about myself. He said you are like an oil lamp. Your body is the vessel, filled with oil, and the oil is the Holy Spirit. The wick is the Word. Trim the wick each day, cut off the old ashes of yesterday, pull up the wick (read some more to meditate on) for a bright flame. The flame is the Light of Christ, The Living Word, Jesus Himself. You are alive in me, and I am alive in you. Fire. Holy Fire. Illumination, warmth, joy, discernment, driving away darkness, yes, let there be Light.

Dan McCollam

In Psalm 46:1 He is called “an ever-present help in times of trouble.” It is the nature of God to stay fully present to every individual who desires His attention. As we lean in to Him, we learn to live in that part of His nature within us! Enjoy Emmanuel. “God with us, God in us, God for us in every situation.” Abiding in God, refusing to worry about time, and living in the now, bends the constricts of time and improves the quality of life.