Lysa TerKeurst

Remember, forgiveness is you deciding that you’ve suffered enough because of what happened. Forgiveness starts to sever the suffering, but then we still have to go on a long journey of healing. For a while, you may still have tears that come and go. That’s okay. Freedom from unforgiveness doesn’t mean instant healing for all the emotions involved. But it does mean those emotions will turn into eventual compassion rather than bitterness. Don’t give up in the process. Deep emotions come to us in a rush but don’t leave at the same pace. It will take time. But healing can happen. Keep trusting God.

Eric Metaxas

If someone believes it is our faith that heals us and forgets that it is God who does it, we should ask that person how much faith Lazarus had. Remember, he was decomposing in a tomb when Jesus raised him from death. His faith obviously didn’t matter. It was all God. It is God and God’s grace that heals, not our prayers and not our ‘faith.’ Though we are exhorted by God to pray to him, we cannot compel him to do what we wish.

Jack Frost

Not only is God’s nature love, but He is also light; by His very nature, God is against any darkness that lies within us. He is not against us. He created us for love; therefore, He is against any darkness that may hinder us from His love producing life and intimacy with Him and others. The very purpose of light is to set us free from anything that hinders deeper intimacy with Him.

Michael Maiden

It can be traumatically painful when someone who’s supposed to care, protect and provide for us, doesn’t. But when people fail us, our loving God never will. God will never grant a person authority over your destiny. When toxic, manipulative people realize they can’t control us, they’ll seek to control how other people view us. The enemy uses false accusations as a poisonous weapon seeking to destroy your identity and destiny.

T.L. Osborne

Both sin and sickness came into the world through the fall of the human race. Therefore, we must look for the healing of both in the Savior of the human race. God is as willing to heal believers as He is to forgive unbelievers. Know this; if He was merciful enough to forgive you when you were unconverted, He is merciful enough to heal you now that you are in His family!

Peter Mattis

By not pushing down our emotions but instead allowing them to come up and surface, then giving them to Jesus, He takes our pain, trials and fear and exchanges it with the health, fruit and life. Jesus takes all our ashes and gives us beauty; he takes all our brokenness and gives us wholeness. That’s the nature of the cross. That is the Great Exchange that needs to take place on a daily basis.