Gretchen Rodriguez

What we say, especially during times of stress, reveals our truest beliefs. Our words unveil our fears and doubts. Anger and tears are more than moments of venting. They point to areas that need the healing touch of Jesus. Even sarcasm can indicate a place of wounding. Don’t mask your true feelings. Listen to your heart and tend to your soul. Being honest about what’s going on inside of you and taking steps to find freedom is vital. Invite Jesus into every area and hold nothing back.

Kathy Vallotton

The goal is to confront life’s challenges without losing your peace. If you find yourself in a situation where darts are flying at you from every direction, take time to stop and focus on Jesus. Put your mind on a short leash and guide it back to the place where you felt God’s peace all around you. Then camp out there for a while. If you have lost your peace altogether, ask yourself, When was the last time I felt Him near me? Then go back there. Remember this: You may have lost sight of Him, but the Prince of Peace will never lose sight of you.

Luc Niebergall

Words are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to build us up or tear us right down. God wants to shatter every word curse that has ever been spoken over your life. He wants to remove labels and lies that may have caged or hindered you. For some of you reading, maybe it was your father, mother, or another type of parental figure who spoke belittling or destructive words over you. Maybe it was a teacher or mentor. Maybe it was a friend, sibling, or stranger. Whoever it was, God doesn’t want you to be wounded or limited by their words any longer.

Jason Vallotton

The healed man is conscious and heart engaged. He is always in process of learning and growing. He strives for a heartfelt awareness. His sense of responsibility extends beyond himself and those around him. His choices are not just for himself but all mankind. He knows how to celebrate both men and women. He is respectful, honoring and gracious. He holds his brothers accountable. He makes amends for his own wrongdoings.⁠

Lysa TerKeurst

Remember, forgiveness is you deciding that you’ve suffered enough because of what happened. Forgiveness starts to sever the suffering, but then we still have to go on a long journey of healing. For a while, you may still have tears that come and go. That’s okay. Freedom from unforgiveness doesn’t mean instant healing for all the emotions involved. But it does mean those emotions will turn into eventual compassion rather than bitterness. Don’t give up in the process. Deep emotions come to us in a rush but don’t leave at the same pace. It will take time. But healing can happen. Keep trusting God.

Peter Mattis

By not pushing down our emotions but instead allowing them to come up and surface, then giving them to Jesus, He takes our pain, trials and fear and exchanges it with the health, fruit and life. Jesus takes all our ashes and gives us beauty; he takes all our brokenness and gives us wholeness. That’s the nature of the cross. That is the Great Exchange that needs to take place on a daily basis.