Dr. Caroline Leaf

So what is the difference between supporting and enabling? Supporting includes assisting with things the other person is capable of doing or doing things that help facilitate them gaining control of their behaviours and life enabling behaviours. On the other hand, keep someone from dealing with the negative consequences of their actions, not dealing with these consequences, give the impression that their behaviour is somehow acceptable.

Kris Vallotton

Independence, fear, and pride all keep us from the deep relationships that we need with God and His people. It is so important that we have people in our lives that we trust more than we trust ourselves. Do you have a relationship with someone you would trust with your life? If that person told you that you have a problem, and you were blind to it, would you believe that person even though it didn’t feel true? We need to build these kinds of relationships to keep us safe so we can live on the radical edge.

Hayley Braun

I’m disturbed by some great men and women of God who we hear have fallen. It’s because we’ve put ministers on a pedestal that were meant for a King. We’ve put men in a place where a man can’t be a man; they have to be immortal or omniscient, omnipotent. They can’t have problems. If they do have a problem, they can’t tell anyone their problem because religion says if you have a problem, you can’t be part of us. Because if you’re dirty, you’ll make me dirty. But Jesus touched dirty people and made them clean.