A W Tozer

We must not get the impression that the Christian life is one continuous conflict, one unbroken irritating struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil. A thousand times no. A heart that learns to die with Christ soon knows the blessed experience of rising with Him, and all the world’s persecutions cannot still the high note of holy joy that springs up in the soul that has become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Harold Eberle

People antagonistic to Christianity like to discuss the religious nut who thought he was doing God’s will by killing a family member. Indeed, there are such mentally deranged people out there, and they may be paraded on the nightly news. But let’s not let that oddity of news blind us from the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who deny God are selling drugs, working in gangs, and killing people on the streets. Very few of them are motivated by religious reasons.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

We are all fighting the same enemy. If you read through the Bible, you will find that. Read through the subsequent history of the Christian church, and you will find that God’s people in times of persecution have always been driven together and cemented together in a much closer manner than they had ever been at any other time. They are fighting the same common foe, so they draw together. And as Christians… it should have this effect upon us: we are aware of one another, and we draw closer together; our love for one another is increased because of our circumstances.