Bob Goff

We aren’t just supposed to be observers, listeners, or have a bunch of opinions. We’re not here to let everyone know what we agree and don’t agree with, because, frankly, who cares? Tell me about the God you love; tell me about what He has inspired uniquely in you; tell me about what you’re going to do about it, and a plan for your life will be pretty easy to figure out from there. I guess what I’m saying is that most of us don’t get an audible plan for our lives. It’s way better than that. We get to be God’s plan for the whole world by pointing people toward Him.

Jeremy Riddle

I have begun to wonder if the gross empowerment and elevation of personal opinion on social media has really deluded us into thinking that our opinions hold any weight against the Word of God. I wonder if we have been so trained by a democratic, consumer-driven society that we have forgotten that the kingdom of God is not a democracy, but a theocracy. A government in which His Word and His Word alone stands. We must return to our senses and know this: when it comes to the Word of God, the online uproar and outcry of seething, opinionated objections and dissenting votes, has absolutely zero weight. It doesn’t matter. I’m not saying our voice doesn’t matter to God. I’m simply reminding us: Dissenting against His voice is absolute folly.

John Wesley

I will not quarrel with you about my opinion only see that your heart is right toward God; that you know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, that you love your neighbour and walk as your master walked and I desire no more. I am sick of opinions; am weary to bear them; my soul loathes this frothy food. Give me a solid and substantial religion; give me a humble, gentle lover of God and man; and men full of mercy in good faith, without partiality and without hypocrisy; a man laying himself out in the work of faith, the patience of hope, the labour of love. Let my soul be with these Christians wheresoever they are, and whatsoever opinion they are of!