Sadhu Sundar Singh

Just as the salt water of the sea is drawn upwards by the hot rays of the sun, and gradually takes on the form of clouds, and, turned thus into sweet and refreshing water, falls in showers on the earth (for the sea water as it rises upwards leaves behind it its salt and bitterness), so when the thoughts and desires of the man of prayer rise aloft like misty emanations of the soul, the rays of the Sun of Righteousness purify them of all sinful taint, and his prayers become a great cloud which descends from heaven in a shower of blessing, bringing refreshment to many on the earth.

Pete Greig

In the great days of steam, boiler rooms powered everything from vast machines in factories to household heating systems. A boiler room was a powerhouse, a driving force, a place of pressure and creative energy. From the furnace came power. Of course a boiler room was also functional, dirty and hot, often tucked away in the basement. It wasn’t a comfortable or pretty setting for entertaining or relaxing. The boiler room was a place of essential, hidden labour. This Boiler Room imagery is an eloquent metaphor for the function of a prayer house in any community. As we stoke the fires of intercession— often hard work done in secret—power is released to energise God’s house and his purposes in the surrounding area.


Katherine Walden

Hold on, do not stop praying. Do not stop believing that the same God that Daniel cried out to is the same God to whom you cry out. Angels are already on assignment to see the fulfilment of your prayer. But you must hold on! Continue to contend for yourself and your family. Contend for freedom over cities and nations. Trust God that the help you need is in transit and is on the way even as you read this. God has already started the process. In fact, He started the very first time you prayed. (Daniel 10) But you must hold on in faith even as you cry out to God for the strength to hold on.

Jeremy Riddle

I don’t believe in spiritual formulas or magic words, but I do believe God is faithful to do what He promised if we’re faithful to be obedient to Him. His word tells me repentance leads to times of refreshing, renewal, healing and awakening.. how GREAT is our need for all of those things in this hour. And there is much to repent of on behalf of our nations and the people of God. So with the same fervency, we long for a spiritual awakening, we are eager to humble ourselves, fast, repent, and consecrate our lives afresh.

Joy Dawson

We would be still and know that You are God…. We stand in awe of You…, Your awesome holiness, majestic splendour, blazing glory, limitless power, and unquestionable sovereignty. We worship You for Your flawless character, Your infinite knowledge and wisdom, Your absolute justice, unswerving faithfulness, unending mercy…. We bow our hearts and bend our knees before… Your dazzling beauty, Your fascinating personality, Your incomprehensible humility, Your unsearchable understanding, and Your unfathomable love….Our greatest need is to have a far greater revelation of what You are really like. We ask You to meet that need.

Garris Elkins

Jesus, our Commanding Officer, has assembled our prayers, acts of worship, and prophetic declarations and set them under the gates of hell. He is calling forth a detonation at this time in history. Do not ever lose hope and think that your acts of faithfulness to pray, worship, and make prophetic declarations is of no effect. The weapons of our warfare and their immediate effect are not easily assessed because they function in the unseen realm of the Spirit. Paul said of this kind of spiritual warfare “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds” ( II Corinthians 10:4). All that you have done in the name of Jesus in obedience to His voice has been set as supernatural charges to bring down the strongholds of hell and those who work in partnership with hellish agendas. Great change is on the horizon.