Hayley Braun

I’m disturbed by some great men and women of God who we hear have fallen. It’s because we’ve put ministers on a pedestal that were meant for a King. We’ve put men in a place where a man can’t be a man; they have to be immortal or omniscient, omnipotent. They can’t have problems. If they do have a problem, they can’t tell anyone their problem because religion says if you have a problem, you can’t be part of us. Because if you’re dirty, you’ll make me dirty. But Jesus touched dirty people and made them clean.

Author Unknown

Learn to appreciate the call of God on your life. He has a different call for everyone. None of us are called to do all the work that needs to be done, but we can each enjoy the assignments that we are given. We can also enjoy the work God does through others. Today holds the opportunity to mature in the knowledge of God and to enjoy whatever God has called you today. Your part is needed. Ask God early in the day to show you where to use your gifts to help others.


N.T. Wright

The early Church believed that God was energizing them by his own personal presence. The Spirit was given so that individual believers, and still more the believers when joined together for corporate worship, would take up their responsibilities as God’s eyes and ears, his hands and his feet, to do what needed to be done in the world. This is why, from the very start, the early Christians looked out at the world, as Jesus had looked out upon his beloved people Israel, and had seen what God was wanting to do and say, and had prayerfully got on and done and said that themselves. That is what ‘mission’ is all about.


Mark Batterson

Pride is a by-product of insecurity. And the more insecure a person is, the more monuments they need to build. There is a fine line between ‘Thy kingdom come’ and ‘my kingdom come.’ If you cross the line, your relationship with God is self-serving. You aren’t serving God. You are using God. You aren’t building altars to God. You are building monuments to yourself.