Lois Tverberg

Speaking of our tendency to imitate, I find that my own mind seems remarkably malleable, impressed by whatever I read or see modeled around me. A steady diet of cynical political commentary always makes me more negative. Being with friends who gossip can make me more careless about how I speak. None of us is so mature that we cannot be influenced. The question is: Who or what do we want to shape our lives? Even the culture around us will try to ‘disciple’ us if we have not placed ourselves under the transforming influence of Jesus Christ.

(Reuben Archer) R. A. Torrey

We feel the breath of the wind upon our cheeks, we see the dust and the leaves blowing before the wind, we see the vessels at sea driven swiftly towards their ports; but the wind itself remains invisible. Just so with the Spirit; we feel His breath upon our souls, we see the mighty things He does, but Himself we do not see. He is invisible, but He is real and perceptible.

Katherine Walden

A thought occurs to me as I see some people marvel that they have thousands of friends and followers on Social Media as if numbers legitimize or diminish their ministry They are sadly mistaken. We all have a ministry, whether it is to a handful of people or whether it be to millions. God doesn’t look at numbers, He looks at hearts we leave our imprint upon.

Christ had twelve close disciples, he had a relationship with each of them, he knew everyone by name, he knew their heart, and they knew his.

Who are you really influencing today? What is the fruit of your ministry?

Ed Stetzer

Christians need to learn from discerning voices. We need mature believers who will speak truth, guide us through trials, and teach us about God, ministry, and culture. A major part of the problem in the age of outrage is that we are looking for answers in the wrong places. When we turn to the voices of our culture for wisdom—Fox News or MSNBC; celebrities or athletes; musicians or pop psychologists; or the self-help section at the bookstore or on our podcast app—we give platforms to people with no allegiance to or love for the gospel. One of the major ways to combat this and ensure our worldview is shaped by the gospel is by listening to voices that lead us toward holiness.