Mario Murillo

What is wrong with us? We are crippled by the fear of greatness. And we have confused popularity with greatness. A large church is not greatness. Being a mascot for the rich and famous is not greatness. Satan laughs at our idea of success. He does not respect sermons that merely entertain a tame audience. He only respects and fears disciples—men and women sent from God, anointed by God with conviction and authority who are ready to obey the marching orders of the Holy Spirit.

Ian Nicholson

Do you want to look for my fullness?
Do you want to partner with me?
Do you want to count for my kingdom?
Do you want to see miracles and stand for justice?
Do you want to see reconciliation and people set free?
Do you want to see nations transformed by the power of prayer?
Then come follow me, and I will show you where to go.
It’s not to the platform and the spot-lit speaker.
It’s not to the conference, the meeting or the camp.
Come with me to the darkest places.
Come to the hurting, the howling, hollow faces.
Come with me to the addicted, convicted and caught.
Come with your light, run with your salt.
Come to the sorrow; the suicide tree.
Come to the stable—Come follow me.