Joyce Meyer

It is time for us to make up our minds. We have a way to get connected like never before and so many are not using it for the best things. I want to use the internet and Facebook to connect with other Christians so I can encourage and be encouraged in everyday life. I need prayer but I need the encouragement of the rest of the Body of Christ. My body couldn’t function correctly if I didn’t have a mouth to eat or a stomach to make the able to be taken to the rest of the body. Let’s start connecting for strength and training instead of complaining and gossiping.

Francis Frangipane

January 25, 2020

In exercising your spiritual discernment, remember: the word “devil” means “slanderer.” To slander is to do more than to accuse or speak evil of one to another. Literally, the word devil means “one who puts himself or something between two in order to divide them.” Satan’s goal is not just to speak evil but divide us. He seeks to divide spouse from spouse, children from parents, race from race, and church from church, and he will use unresolved issues from the past. The antidote is to restore and then magnify Christ’s love; love covers a multitude of sins.

Francis de Sales

December 20, 2019

Without a doubt, one of the things which keeps us from attaining perfection is our tongue. When one has reached the point of no longer committing faults in speech, he has surely reached perfection, as was said by the Holy Spirit. The worst defect in talking is talking too much. Hence, in speech be brief and virtuous, brief and gentle, brief and simple, brief and charitable, brief and amiable.

Katherine Walden

I see much of social media and populist news outlets to be nothing more than cyber coliseums, where people flock to watch as others are first reduced to caricatures of their real selves, then are torn to shreds. It grieves me to no end that self-proclaimed Christians sit in the stands, cheering just as lustily as the rest of those who gobble up the sensationalized and misrepresented spew that so-called news outlets pour out on a daily basis. I choose to pray and to not look on such tragedies as fodder for idle conversation.