Julia Loren

A child’s heart is open to fresh revelation, new understanding and increased experiences. Children embrace all that life has to offer them every day. When you lose that child’s heart of humility and excitement and think that you have become an expert in the things of God and life, you level off in your development and stop growing. The more mature you are, the more childlike you should become in receiving the things of the Kingdom of God. When you shift from ongoing dependency on Him to an attitude that you can handle it from here, that you know all there is to know and can do things for yourself now as one who is all grown up, you lose the innocence, dependency and wonder of being with Him.

Havilah Cunnington

February 27, 2020
Many times we high-five the Holy Spirit with a, “I’ll take it from here!” or “ I got this!” This is where many of us get into trouble. The Bible says there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 16:25). I believe there are many times in our lives where things will seem right to us but without the leading of the Holy Spirit and His perfect guidance, we will get ourselves in trouble. We need His perfect guidance, His foresight, His protection and navigation for the journey ahead of us.

Blaise Pascal

What use is it to us to hear it said of a man that he has thrown off the yoke, that he does not believe there is a God to watch over his actions, that he reckons himself the sole master of his behavior, and that he does not intend to give an account of it to anyone but himself? Does he think that in that way he will have straightway persuaded us to have complete confidence in him, to look to him for consolation, for advice, and for help, in the vicissitudes of life? Do such men think that they have delighted us by telling us that they hold our souls to be nothing but a little wind and smoke — and by saying it in conceited and complacent tones? Is that a thing to say blithely? Is it not rather a thing to say sadly — as if it were the saddest thing in the world?