Garris Elkins

God will fulfill His ultimate plan, even when we respond in unbelief. When the children of Israel received a word about a Promised Land, it was their disbelief that moved the finish line of fulfillment 40 years into the future. Unbelief caused the people to take a longer path toward the fulfillment of God’s promise. A generation of unbelief needed to die off so that a new generation of faith could rise. Be encouraged when you recognize your unbelief. Sight is the beginning of healing. If you discovered you have been riding the back of the elephant of disbelief, dismount and call it what it is. You will influence others who are watching your renewed stance of faith. They, in turn, will have the courage to join their faith with yours, and together you will see the glory of God.

Chris Jackson

Heartsickness occurs after constant disappointment. We thought we had an appointment with the promise, but it didn’t come to pass. Out of our disappointment, we became heartsick and stopped setting appointments. We stopped hoping, and consequently, we became critical and cynical; and these never enter through the veil. If we don’t do something at this point, our quest for destiny will end here.