Chris Jackson

The power of friendship is one of the greatest powers on the planet. To cross the finish line of faith strong at my life’s end, I’m going to need a friend. I’ll probably need him more than I’ll need a prophetic word. I desperately want to be that friend, too. I want to anchor my faith to someone so that they enter Heaven on account of my stubborn loyalty to their cause.

(Praying Through Sorrows)

Henry Drummond

Why do we want to live for ever? Because we hope that tomorrow will bring us someone we can love. Because we want to live another day with the person we love beside us. Because we want to find someone who deserves our Love and who, in turn, will know how to love us as we deserve to be loved. That is why, when a man has no one to love him, he feels a great desire to die. As long as he has friends, people who love him and whom he loves too, he will live. Because to live is to love

Kris Vallotton

Independence, fear, and pride all keep us from the deep relationships that we need with God and His people. It is so important that we have people in our lives that we trust more than we trust ourselves. Do you have a relationship with someone you would trust with your life? If that person told you that you have a problem, and you were blind to it, would you believe that person even though it didn’t feel true? We need to build these kinds of relationships to keep us safe so we can live on the radical edge.

Katherine Walden

I am blessed to be a friend of a generous God who lavishes His freedom, love, forgiveness and healing on me. He invites me to follow His example, and He encourages me to take what he has placed in my hands and extend it to others. I do so without judgment or expectation of repayment or without fear that I will lack. I give from a place of joy, for I have learned that the more I pour into the lives of others, the more God increases my capacity to receive from Him. I can never outgive God, for when I reach into His pantry, there is always more than enough for myself, and there is always more than enough to give freely to others. Healing, love, forgiveness and freedom; He freely gave to me, freely I give to others

“Dare to Call Him Friend” – Soon to be released.