Ed Silvoso

Competent leaders attract very committed people who at first are not necessarily the most competent ones. You should not be discouraged, much less be paralyzed, by this. In fact, there is biblical precedent for it. David’s mighty men were not members of the nobility. On the contrary, they were the ones who had gotten in trouble with the king and the law. But they were totally committed to David, and they became the ones who carried him to the throne. The good news is that you can always teach competence to committed people.

Shane Roessiger

I pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom of God. I break all other agreements or vows to any other. I’m in this world but not of it. I’m an ambassador of Christ. I will follow Christ and His commandments. I will eat from His table and no other. Faith, hope, and love will be my anchor. Every precept in the Book of life will I follow. I will pursue justice for the weak. I will strive to live holy and pure. The Holy Spirit is my guide, my friend, my comforter. I will follow the truth. Then will mercy and goodness follow me, I receive the light. I will carry the light. The light will keep my eyes single. This is my daily bread. This is my vow! I receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. I stand in covenant to Jesus Christ: My Lord, my savior, and my deliverer. I receive His precious blood. I take my vow as a vow unto God. I cast out fear or anything that exalts itself above God’s Word. With this, nothing will separate me from my creator, the true living God. He is above every throne. I will bow only to Yahweh. I pledge to His banner. His banner over me is love. And to Him, I pledge my allegiance.

Garris Ellis

As believers, we are sojourners from another Kingdom while we live here on Earth. The documentation of our heavenly passport and the word of God define who we are and how we are to live in this world when its demands of earthly citizenship contradict our higher allegiance. We should always speak with the accent of Heaven and carry with us the customs and lifestyle inherent with that citizenship. Without those distinctions, we will slowly fall into the slumber of compromise where we will succumb to ways of thinking we would have never thought possible when our faith was awake and clearheaded.

Chris Jackson

The power of friendship is one of the greatest powers on the planet. To cross the finish line of faith strong at my life’s end, I’m going to need a friend. I’ll probably need him more than I’ll need a prophetic word. I desperately want to be that friend, too. I want to anchor my faith to someone so that they enter Heaven on account of my stubborn loyalty to their cause.

(Praying Through Sorrows)