Danny Silk

Honor focuses on empowering the people around us, no matter who they are or what their gender, age, status or role. Honor is led by love. And when we honor, we are protecting and nurturing our connections with each other. Our goal is to establish and maintain authentic relationship, rather than dominate another person. Honor communicates, “My relationship with you is more important than you doing what I want you to do.”

Jack Frost

Have you received the difficult people whom God has placed in your life as an instrument of blessing? If you do not value, honor, and respect them, then you may be treating them like a curse, thus inheriting a curse! When we receive them as a blessing to help us find out what we are full of, then God can take every negative relationship and use it to bring us into spiritual maturity.

Kate Lore

When you debate a person about something that affects them more than it affects you, remember that it will take a much greater emotional toll on them than on you. For you, it may feel like an academic exercise. For them, it feels like revealing their pain only to have you dismiss their experience and sometimes their humanity. The fact that you might remain calmer, under those circumstances, is a consequence of your privilege, not increased objectivity on your part. Stay humble.

Danny Silk

The core belief that each person is beautifully unique and valuable, and that there are enough opportunities and resources in the world for every one of us to “happen”– as opposed to the lies that are not valuable and there is not enough for us all to flourish or succeed– leads us to commit to building relationships with high levels of encouragement, affirmation, generosity, and calls to excellence.