Jean-Baptiste de la Salle

The more you abandon to God the care of all temporal things the more He will take care to provide for all your wants. But if on the contrary you try to supply all your needs Providence will allow you to continue to do just that, and then it may very well happen that even necessity will be lacking to you. For God will reprove you for your lack of faith in reliance on self.

Anne Hamilton

Jesus had to tell the Jews of His own time that Moses was not the one who supplied manna from heaven. The people had obviously raised Moses to the throne of God. And we have done similarly for others in our own time. There is only one real hero in Scripture. Only one. His name is Jesus. The rest of them are ordinary, flawed human beings—just like us. We are not called be as good as they were, we are called to be far better. The blood of Jesus is the empowerment to launch us towards achieving this impossible target.

Samuel Logan Brengle

He [God] has been with my mouth and helped me to speak of Jesus and his great salvation in a way to instruct, comfort, and save other souls. He has been light to my darkness, strength to my weakness, wisdom in my foolishness, knowledge in my ignorance. When my way has been hedged up and it seems that no way could be found out of my temptations and difficulties, he has cut a way through for me just as he opened the Red Sea for Israel. When my heart has ached, he has comforted me; when my feet had well-nigh slipped, he has helped me up; when my faith was trampled, he has encouraged me; when I have been in sore need he has supplied all my need; when I have been hungry, he has fed me; when I have thirst, he has given me living water. All glory to God! What has he not done for me? What has he not been it to me? I’ll recommend him to the world.


Dan MCollam

Because God is always good, His conditional promises are not about withholding something from us but rather about creating a position of sustained blessing for us. It does no good for God to bless us if we cannot persevere in the blessing. As a good Father, God is more interested in a life of blessing than simply a few encounters that bless. Conditions propel us into a position of sustained blessing. Conditions require alignment with a heavenly thought, value, or action.

Steven Furtick

When faced with a devastating crisis remember this:

God says He will
… still be the cornerstone of my life.
… protect me.
… lift my head high.
… restore my joy.
… give me peace that passes understanding.
… put me back together.
… open my eyes to new opportunities.
… lead me to triumph.
… make me wiser and stronger as a result of this trial.
… catch me.
… help me in my time of need.
… hear my cry.
… breathe life into me.
… cover me.
… draw close to me.
… send His angels to comfort me.

Jeremy Taylor

Relieve and comfort all the persecuted and afflicted; speak peace to troubled consciences; strengthen the weak; confirm the strong; instruct the ignorant; deliver the oppressed from him that spoileth him; and relieve the needy that hath no helper; and bring us all, by the waters of comfort, and in the ways of righteousness, to the kingdom of rest and glory, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

George MacDonald

The Lord of gladness delights in the laughter of a merry heart. These wedding guests could have done without wine, surely without more wine and better wine. But the Father looks with no esteem upon a bare existence, and is ever working, even by suffering, to render life more rich and plentiful. His gifts are to the overflowing of the cup; but when the cup would overflow, he deepens its hollow, and widens its brim. Our Lord is profuse like his Father, yea, will, at his own sternest cost, be lavish to his brethren. He will give them wine indeed. But even they who know whence the good wine comes, and joyously thank the giver, shall one day cry out, like the praiseful ruler of the feast to him who gave it not, “Thou hast kept the good wine until now.”