Gretchen Rodriguez

Seasons don’t last forever. Wounds heal. Circumstances change. Wisdom overtakes foolishness. Doors that once slammed in your face open with favor. But you may not notice if you’re not paying attention. Lift your weary head and look around. Like they did for Noah, the waters of adversity are drying up, and God is placing you on dry ground. Rid yourself of that negativity and believe again!

Katherine Walden

God never abandoned the Israelites when they were in the wilderness; He was a cloud by day, a pillar of fire at night, and dwelt amongst them in His tabernacle. The wilderness experience is never meant to separate you from His presence. You might be going through a dry season, you might FEEL like God is far away, you might think He is silent but the truth is – He is NEVER distant from those who call upon His name.