Robert Leighton

Men compare themselves with men, and readily with the worst, and flatter themselves with that comparative betterness. This is not the way to see spots, to look into the muddy streams of profane men’s lives; but look into the clear fountain of the Word, and there we may both discern and wash them; and consider the infinite holiness of God, and this will humble us to the dust.

Bill Johnson

As long as we compare ourselves to previous generations we look good. But as long as we compare ourselves with the original standard of the gospel we realize we need to get alone with God and find out why there’s not a demonstration of purity and power. This is a draft notice that we have been called by the Lord to represent him well. Absolute undistracted devotion to Jesus – its why I’m alive. Simple devotion.

Sandi Krakowski

When we operate outside of what God has called us to do, we will be frustrated, depressed and even destructive. Worse yet, if we compare ourselves to others and we attempt to be like someone else, stepping into THEIR metron and outside of OUR metron, listen to this, we could end up sinfully competitive, very disoriented and even open doors for all manner of attack on our life, our business and our success.

Watchman Nee

The whole question for us is simply this: It seems that I am giving too much for too little. That is waste. Others appear to far better advantage than I, though they have given up none of the things that I have. As for me, I seem to meet with all the difficulties. Continual trial and suffering is what comes my way. Now, am I not wasting my time? If I consecrate myself enough for the blessing, but not enough for the trouble; if I consecrate myself enough for the Lord to use me, but not enough for the Lord to shut me up, it will be all right! Are we not found thinking thus at times? But the principle of waste is that which satisfies the heart of the Lord Jesus. You can get something for yourself out of your consecration, but often real satisfaction can only come to the heart of your Lord when you seem to be “wasting” yourself on the Lord, giving too much and getting nothing back for yourself.