Johanna Spyri

God certainly knows of some happiness for us which He is going to bring out of the trouble, only we must have patience and not run away. And then all at once something happens and we see clearly ourselves that God has had some good thought in His mind all along; but because we cannot see things beforehand, and only know how dreadfully miserable we are, we think it is always going to be so.

Tim Tebow

People often seem to think that when you’re following the Lord and trying to do His will, your path will always be clear, the decisions smooth and easy, and life will be lived happily ever after and all that. Sometimes that may be true, but I’ve found that more often, it’s not. The muddled decisions still seem muddled, bad things still happen to believers, and great things can happen to nonbelievers. When it comes to making our decisions, the key that God is concerned with is that we are trusting and seeking Him. God’s desire is for us to align our lives with His Word and His will.

David Jeremiah

Recognize the goodness that God has bestowed on us and acknowledge that He has our best interests in mind. As we walk with God, we come to realize how He uses even difficult situations in our lives to help us grow in our faith and learn to trust in Him. We come to understand why certain doors were opened to us and others were closed. When we can trace this pattern and see that God did all of this for our benefit, we can trust that He will do the same in every situation we face.

Vaneetha Risner

I have something far better than a reassurance that my dreaded “what ifs” won’t happen. I have the assurance that even if they do happen, he will be there in the midst of them. He will carry me. He will comfort me. He will tenderly care for me. God doesn’t promise us a trouble-free life. But he does promise that he will be there in the midst of our sorrows.

Julia Loren

Walk up to face your fear full on and consign even that possible outcome to the care of your loving God. Surrender to the possibility of what you fear the most. Surrender as an act of ruthless trust, knowing that God’s love will ultimately be enough to cover you. Relinquishment is the act that says, “I trust You, Jesus. And I trust that whatever You allow to happen to me or to the one I am praying for, Your love will keep us all close to Your heartbeat for now and through eternity.”

Kris Vallotton

I personally avoid doom-and-gloom predictions like the plague. It takes no faith at all to make negative forecasts about the days ahead. We are called believers, therefore it is necessary that we live by faith. If God wanted us to live by sight instead The one who hurries delays the things of God.of by faith, He would have called us facters and not believers. It is my conviction that God’s divine truth overrides man’s finite facts. I am convinced that God has an answer before we ever have a problem. After all, Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world.

Garris Elkins

Discerning the difference between someone who promotes the commodity of fear for self-gain or someone who is speaking a warning of Heaven is an important distinction to make. The latter helps us know how to live our lives and relate to the unfolding dynamics taking place within a culture in peril. These concerning revelations are an opportunity to pray, prepare, and engage as led by the Spirit.