Don Crane

It can be so easy for Easter to be a moment in time and not a moment that changes time. Our experience with Christ should change our lives. We shouldn’t experience the resurrection and then just go back to the day to day lives we lead unchanged. Life should be different because of the grace of Christ. Did Easter change you, or are you back to the daily grind? Jesus wants more from us than to just experience the joy of the resurrection – He wants us to live changed lives!

Ed Stetzer

We are willing to demonstrate grace and healing to those who look, act, and struggle the same way we do, but condemn and alienate those who look, act, or struggle differently. As a result, when people in our churches, whether out of curiosity or need, seek to discuss uncomfortable topics like racial injustice, they are often met with scorn or simplistic responses meant to quickly dismiss the conversation and silence “the other” because of the discomfort the topic creates. Such responses are profoundly unloving.

Kevin DeYoung

There is an eternal difference between regret and repentance. Regret feels bad about past sins. Repentance turns away from past sins. Regret looks to our own circumstances. Repentance looks to God. Most of us are content with regret. We just want to feel bad for awhile, have a good cry, enjoy the cathartic experience, bewail our sin, and talk about how sorry we are. But we don’t want to change. We don’t want to deal with God.

Ray Johnston

Things Will Never Change. This toxic, dangerous thought process has the power to destroy your marriage, friendships, and career. These four words, Things Will Never Change, replace confidence with cynicism. These four words, Things Will Never Change, replace high hopes with depression and despair. These four words, Things Will Never Change, blind people to the possibility that God might have better days ahead. These four words, Things Will Never Change, are so powerful they can handcuff the hands of God. Jesus didn’t do any miracles in His hometown of Nazareth. Why? The Bible says, “because of their unbelief” (Matthew 13:58 NKJV).

Steve Long

When you’re confronted with a change that challenges you, talk to the Holy Spirit about it. Create an environment where you’re not distracted, quiet yourself down, focus on Jesus, and ask what He has to say. Sometimes, God will show you what He’s saying in the change, but sometimes He’ll simply put you at peace.