David Jeremiah

The Corinthians had put the messenger who had brought this gospel message to them under scrutiny. They had analyzed his approach, his speaking style, and even his personal characteristics and had concluded there was nothing at all remarkable about him. If his message was truly sent by God, shouldn’t there have been something more special about him? Paul’s response is that the believers were missing the point. It is exactly because the message is so important that the messenger is so weak. Just like a treasure in an earthen vessel, it is not the fragile, breakable, disposable vessel that matters most but the treasure it carries inside. If that were not the case, the vessel might think it was the treasure! The life of the disciple must be modeled on the gospel itself.

Christine Caine

Tag, we’re it. The baton of faith is in our hands. There’s no point waiting for the cavalry, we are ‘it.’ God has plucked us out of eternity, positioned us in time and commissioned us to share the good news of the Gospel to our generation. Most of us think that someone else can do it better than us. Someone else is more qualified than us. Someone else is more educated than us. Someone else is more charismatic than us. Someone else is more gifted than us. SURELY God wants to use someone else. Anyone else but me? The truth is God called you. God chose you. God sent you. And me.

A.W. Tozer

Something less is among us, nevertheless, and we do well to identify it so that we may repudiate it. That something is a poetic fiction, a product of the romantic imagination and maudlin religious fancy. It is a Jesus, gentle, dreamy, shy, sweet and feminine, almost effeminate, and marvelously adaptable to whatever society He may find Himself in. He is cooed over by women disappointed in love, patronized by celebrities and recommended by psychiatrists as a model of a well-integrated personality. He is used as a means to almost any carnal end, but he is never acknowledged as Lord. These quasi Christians follow a quasi Christ. They want his help but not his interference. They will flatter him but never obey him.

Reinhard Bonnke

Power does not come by working up emotions. We may shout, sweat, get excited, and whack the pulpit when we have the anointing of God. But without that anointing, we are actors, and the platform is a mere stage. God does not want theatricals. Get God’s love into your heart and true emotions flow. Anything else is emotionalism, imitation feeling. It reminds me of a man trying to speak from one city to another by shouting when the telephone line was dead. If the line is live, and there is power in it, his voice will reach the other city quite easily. If the Gospel is live, it will reach the hearts of hearers.