Steven Furtick

We don’t get stronger in faith by avoiding our fears. What’s true about our physical bodies is also true about our spirits: the only way to get stronger is to work out. And we only overcome the paralysis of fear as we take our next step in faith. We initiate the conversation; we make the contribution; we show up for the meeting; we obey God in the small thing. And the momentum of each step pushes against the force field of fear, weakening its power to control us.

Katherine Walden

Yes, God wants to be our hiding place in times of trouble but he does not want us to use our relationship with him as an excuse to avoid confronting relational conflicts. Most heart issues with others are resolved only through brave communication, active listening, forgiving and restitution. It is never pleasing to God when we use our relationship with Him as a deflection or as an excuse to avoid those hard conversations that we must all face at one time or another in our lives.