Brian Simmons

March 4, 2020

The very first words of Jesus while on the cross: “Father, forgive them.” Even the soldiers were shocked to hear those words. A river of love unquenchable poured from His heart. When we suffer, we think only of ourselves, our pain, our desire to be relieved from affliction. When Jesus suffered, His heart was focused on others, making sure they would be forgiven. They were harming themselves, not just Jesus.

Phil Hotsenpiller

We need to see… that evil need not have the last word. We do not have to respond to terror around us with a knee-jerk reaction of cowering, flailing out in rage or plotting revenge. We do have options as to how we respond to lawlessness. We can make more of an effort to heed the rest of Jesus’ warning about lawlessness — the part about endurance, salvation and the spread of the Gospel.

One Nation Without Law – Chosen Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2017

Dan Allender

Be awed that in our unrighteous anger God reveals the depth of His love on our behalf. It is a heart that is willing to feel angry enough to battle with God that will be surprised into praise. And nothing, but nothing, is the cure for anger like the wonder of grace. It is praise for His grace even in the light of our impotency to eradicate our unrighteous anger that leads, in time, to waiting for God’s wrath rather than seeking revenge today.