Dawna De Silva

When we ask God to protect us, we can be held back by our need to see God perform in an anticipated way. This action might make us miss the next step that we are supposed to take. We must never approach God with expectations of how He will answer or with specific time frames that we require. Quiet trust does not make God prove Himself. It says, God will protect me the way He wants. What I get to do is follow Him.

George Matheson

March 11, 2020

God’s silence is more than man’s speech. God’s negative is better than the world’s affirmative. Have thy prayers been followed by a calm stillness? Well! Is not that God’s voice – a voice that will suffice thee in the meantime till the full disclosure comes? Has He moved not from His place to help thee? Well, but His stillness makes thee still, and He has something better than help to give thee.