Katherine Walden

God wants us to give us good things, but He also wants us to grow in our trust and to learn His ways. As such, instead of instantly giving us everything we ask for, whenever we ask for it, God encourages us to draw closer to Him. As we learn to wait, we also learn to walk in faith and learn how to be good stewards of all He has provided for us. We don’t always appreciate God’s timing, but His timing is always best, even though we may not think so at the moment. In the time of waiting, look back at the times you rejoiced when you realized a delayed response to prayer came at the exact right time. Any earlier and it would have not born the same yield of fruit.

Dawna De Silva

When we ask God to protect us, we can be held back by our need to see God perform in an anticipated way. This action might make us miss the next step that we are supposed to take. We must never approach God with expectations of how He will answer or with specific time frames that we require. Quiet trust does not make God prove Himself. It says, God will protect me the way He wants. What I get to do is follow Him.