Jason Vallotton

The healed man is conscious and heart engaged. He is always in process of learning and growing. He strives for a heartfelt awareness. His sense of responsibility extends beyond himself and those around him. His choices are not just for himself but all mankind. He knows how to celebrate both men and women. He is respectful, honoring and gracious. He holds his brothers accountable. He makes amends for his own wrongdoings.⁠

Philip Ryken

The way other people respond reveals their worldview—their faithfulness in keeping a commitment, for example, or their unbelief in the existence and providence of God. Ideas have consequences. Even ordinary interactions reflect our commitments and convictions about the basic issues of art and science, work and play, family and society, life and death. Whenever we bump into the world, our worldview has a way of spilling out. It comes out in what we think and love, say and do, praise and choose.

Ed Stetzer

God’s righteous indignation flows from his love and faithfulness; likewise, if your anger is not consistently and sacrificially tempered by steadfast love and forgiveness, it is not righteous anger. In order to earn the responsibility of displaying God’s righteous anger to the world, you first need to demonstrate that you can be a faithful vessel of his steadfast love and forgiveness.

A.W. Tozer

Sins such as pride, vanity, self-centeredness, levity, worldliness, gluttony, the telling of “white” lies, borderline dishonesty, lack of compassion for the unfortunate, complacency, absorption in the affairs of this life, love of pleasure, the holding of grudges, stinginess, gossiping… are so common that they have been accepted as normal by the average church and are either not mentioned at all or referred to in smiling half-humor by the clergy. While not as spectacular as a roaring weekend drunk or as dramatic as a violent explosion of temper, they are in the long run more deadly than either, for they are seldom recognized as sin and are practically never repented of. They remain year after year to grieve the Spirit and sap the life of the church, while everyone continues to speak the words of the true faith and go through the motions of perfunctory godliness, not knowing that there is anything wrong.

Joseph Cotten

There is something uniquely powerful about someone who spends their life in relative obscurity, staying true to Scripture, quietly obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit, remaining true to their marriage vows, not cheating on their taxes, growing in love and character. Along the way leading people to Jesus and holding fast to the belief that healing, signs, and wonders will confirm the preaching of the Gospel. Not seeking a platform, not hungry for fame or glory, but passionate to glorify the One and see the lost awakened to who He is. This is the life to which you and I are called. This is what the earth needs in the coming season.

Francis Frangipane

My personal attitude is this: I will stand for revival, unity and prayer; I will labor to restore healing and reconciliation between God’s people. Yet, if all God truly wanted was to raise up one fully yielded son–a son who would refuse to be offended, refuse to react, refuse to harbor unforgiveness regardless of those who slander and persecute–I have determined to be that person. My primary goal in all things is not revival, but to bring pleasure to Christ.