Steven Furtick

When faced with a devastating crisis remember this:

God says He will
… still be the cornerstone of my life.
… protect me.
… lift my head high.
… restore my joy.
… give me peace that passes understanding.
… put me back together.
… open my eyes to new opportunities.
… lead me to triumph.
… make me wiser and stronger as a result of this trial.
… catch me.
… help me in my time of need.
… hear my cry.
… breathe life into me.
… cover me.
… draw close to me.
… send His angels to comfort me.

Bill Johnson

Heaven is filled with absolute, perfect, confidence in God. This world is filled with absolute mistrust. And you and I will always reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of. What you live conscious of is what you will reproduce in the world around you. I try to live in such a way that nothing ever gets bigger in my awareness than my conscious awareness of the presence of God upon me. I don’t care what the problem is; if it’s an international crisis or a personal issue, the moment that problem gets bigger than my awareness of the presence of God on me, then I will live in reaction to a problem.

Katherine Walden

The mettle of a person comes to the surface in times of stress and turmoil. You don’t develop a strong character and moral compass as a result of a tragedy. These need to be developed, long before a crisis ever hits so you can keep your integrity, compassion and respect flowing during the long road of recovery that follows an immediate crisis. Sometimes, a crisis causes character traits that lay dormant to rise to the surface, and you find the inner determination to press on, much to your own surprise! Compassion, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, endurance, humility, generosity -these are the true go-to tools of recovery.