John Ellerton

Take with you the joy of Easter to the home, and make that home bright with more unselfish love, more hearty service; take it into your work, and do all in the name of the Lord Jesus; take it to your heart, and let that heart rise anew on Easter wings to a higher, a gladder, a fuller life; take it to the dear graveside and say there the two words “Jesus lives!” and find in them the secret of calm expectation, the hope of eternal reunion.

Winkie Pratney

Work is not a curse but a sacred calling. It was not given us as either a liability or limitation but as a holy right and responsibility. The curse that came to the first family for sinning was not that they would have to work but what work they did would now become ensnared in extra effort and a burden within a blessing. Whatever your work, there will be powers and principalities set to make all your needed effort troublesome and tiring.

Karl Edward Wagner

We cannot escape from our daily routine, because it will go with us wherever we go…. God must be sought and found in the things of our world. By regarding our daily duties as something performed for the honour and glory of God, we can convert what was hitherto soul-killing monotony, to a living worship of God in all our actions. Everyday life must become itself our prayer.

Justin Buzzard

We will never run out of new discoveries to make about God and his glorious purposes. Christians ought to be the world’s greatest Explorers…. The moment you quit being an Explorer–the second you identify yourself first as a “pastor,” “businessman,” “house-wife,” or “hairdresser,” you degenerate. When your earthly occupation trumps God’s deeper design in you to explore and discover, your earthly occupation will lose its fire and direction, and you’ll degenerate.

Bruce Larson

Personally, I believe God is waiting and willing to reveal things that will radically change the lives of people. I believe He is eternally waiting and eager to call forth something from you that has never been said or thought of since the beginning of time. You may be the one in your own field or area or interest to find that all the good things haven’t been said or done or even thought of.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The fatal tendency to divide Christians into two groups-the religious and the laity, exceptional Christians and ordinary Christians, the one who makes a vocation of the Christian life and the man who is engaged in secular affairs. That tendency is not only utterly and completely unscriptural; it is destructive ultimately of true piety, and is in many ways a negation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no such distinction in the Bible.”