Helmut Thielicke

Perhaps the greatest gift we have as Christians, who know that our Lord has won the victory, is that even here and now, not only at the end, we can praise God, simply because we know that there is one victorious, shining theme that runs through all the loneliness and homelessness, all the hunger, thirst and mysteries of this life and that is: Nearer, my God, to thee.

He who knows that at the end is God’s peace – not merely cries for the depths; he can also sing praise from the depths. For he who praises God is not afraid!

Thomas Fuller

Sorrow for sin and sorrow for suffering are ofttimes so twisted and interwoven in the same person – yea, in the same sigh and groan – that sometimes it is impossible for the party himself so to separate and divide them in his own sense and feeling, as to know which proceeds from the one and which from the other. Only the all-seeing eye of an infinite God is able to discern and distinguish them.

Henry Law

“God sees me,” is the sweet solace of the true believer. He knows the way that I take, will make that rugged way seem smooth. If perils and distress so shake the heart that plenteous tears give evidence of suffering, these tears are marked on high, and tender compassion will wipe them all away. The day has not yet come when there shall be no more tears. But the day is always present when they awaken sympathy in the Redeemer’s breast. He who wept on earth will soon wipe all tears away!