Not Always All Together – Katherine’s Newest Book

Daily Christian Quote resides under the umbrella of Katherine Walden Ministries and is pleased to announce the official book launch of Katherine’s latest book, “Not Always altogether.”

What the trailer below and find more details on the official “Not Always All Together Official Page”

Are Christians really supposed to be the ones who’ve got it all together all the time? If the title of my book, “Not Always All Together“, is any indication, I certainly don’t believe so.

Some people believe that most Christians enjoy lives that radiate continuous health, wealth, and happiness while living in perfect harmony within the Body of Christ. No one messes up, no one has any doubts, and no one ever gets hurt. Except them. Really?

Katherine Walden's latest book, Not Always All Together, dismantles myths, preconceptions and misconceptions many people hold about doing family with the Body of Christ.

As you journey through this sometimes touching, sometimes challenging, always encouraging thirty-one-day devotional, you’ll discover the many preconceptions and outright lies many Christians buy into while doing life within the Body of Christ. Rich with stories from my Christian walk, Not Always All Together offers you the opportunity to set aside some of those misconceptions and embrace the truth by applying practical applications provided at the end of each chapter.

Additional bonus content may be found on Youtube as I have recorded 31 videos, one for each chapter of the book. You’ll find more stories, insights, and wisdom in these short video clips! If you are here for a sneak peek, please note the entire library of videos won’t be made public all at once. I will be releasing them throughout Mid-August to Mid-September 2017.

Katherine Walden

Every single day, we make hundreds of choices without being aware of it. Most of those choices, we make automatically, based on the choices we made yesterday and the day before that. We are creatures of habit, so what habits are you forming today and what impact will they have a year from now?

Based on a chapter in my book, Not Always All Together