Francis A. Schaeffer

The Bible is the weapon which enables us to join with our Lord on the offensive in defeating the spiritual hosts of wickedness. But is must be the Bible as the Word of God in everything it teaches- in matters if salvation, but just as much where it speaks of history and science and morality. If we compromise in any if these areas…we destroy the power of the Word and ourselves in the hands of the enemy.


Kris Vallotton

How do we love people and stand by our convictions? In an effort to love all people, we sometimes miss this foundational truth: there is no such thing as love without conviction! For example, love is loyal therefore disloyalty brings conviction. Love is pure so impurity causes conviction. Love always tells the truth therefore lying brings conviction. Love always hopes so hopelessness breeds conviction. What I’m getting at is that love is not passive! We are commanded to speak the truth in love, and any peace that happens at the expense of morality is not worth having.