Jim Jarman

Nothing in this world will ever change as long as the people of God remain silent and intimidated. As Christians we have a voice that needs to be seen and heard in the earth today. Everyone else is using theirs, so let’s use ours. Let our voice be seen and heard and stand up for what is right, moral, holy & godly. A voice of love, joy, peace and hope, not a voice of hate, chaos and destruction but a voice with Holy Spirit power & authority. A voice that is as bold as a lion. Speak up and speak out and live right.

Kris Vallotton

There is a serial killer loose in the Church today and he must be stopped. He uses many masks, often masquerading as virtuous friends like wisdom, stewardship, thoughtfulness or peace to access the door to our souls. Yet once inside he begins to kill our dreams, paralyze our promises and derail our destiny. His name is FEAR and he is on God’s most wanted list. Many Christians harbor this violent fugitive by reducing their God-given exploits to accommodate their fear. What these baffled Believers refuse to understand is that the dogs of doom stand at the doors of their destiny. There is always a strategically placed giant in our God-given promised land. When most people hear barking dogs or taunting giants they hide in the wilderness of mediocrity, perpetually wandering through slave camps like boredom, discouragement or meaningless living. It’s time to arrest this dream killer and apprehend our promise.

Katherine Walden

Now is not the time to step back and to retreat. Now is the time to keep your eyes firmly fixed on the Lord; God’s promises have not changed. His truth remains. His hands of compassion have not weakened. Jesus’ sacrifice and his resurrecting power still transform thousands of lives each day around the world. He still leads, He still strengthens, He is still very much active. Be encouraged dear hearts, His light is dawning on the horizon.

Katherine Walden

I think one of the major deceptions the enemy has used in the lives of many believers is the notion that if you step out to do the works of God, you had better be prepared for a devastating backlash to happen shortly after. While it is important that we pray for protection for ourselves and step out into God’s work for us with a good back-up of prayer coverage from trusted intercessors, many believers have become fear based and will not step out because of the fear of ‘what if’. The enemy uses this obsession to intimidate many. It is a false belief that Satan doesn’t bother people who aren’t doing much for the kingdom. He HATES all of God’s children, he’s out to destroy us whether we numb our spirits through constant disobedience born out of fear or if we pour out our lives in service to God and man. The glitch in Satan’s search and destroy plan is …. we serve a MUCH bigger God who promises us a future and a hope. Who are you going to believe? God or a bully?