Jim Jarman

Nothing in this world will ever change as long as the people of God remain silent and intimidated. As Christians we have a voice that needs to be seen and heard in the earth today. Everyone else is using theirs, so let’s use ours. Let our voice be seen and heard and stand up for what is right, moral, holy & godly. A voice of love, joy, peace and hope, not a voice of hate, chaos and destruction but a voice with Holy Spirit power & authority. A voice that is as bold as a lion. Speak up and speak out and live right.

Darlene Cunningham

God is an amazing communicator. The most common phrases in the Bible are “God said” or “the Lord said.” They are used 1,500 times in the Original Testament alone. But He speaks in different ways: through an audible voice, through dreams and visions, through angels, through that still small voice in our hearts, through the words of a godly friend or teacher, through new revelation into the Scriptures. God can speak any way He chooses to – He even spoke through a donkey once! He is looking for listening hearts.