John White

There are no shortcuts to holiness. There is no easy way to conquer the flesh. Christian character is a matter of growth, not of secrets or formulas. Growth takes time. It also takes the discipline of prayer, of study, of heart searching, of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s pleading, and of consistent obedience. It must always begin with a renewed thankfulness for the never-ending grace of God, and a sense of being set free repeatedly to a life of holiness.

A.W. Tozer

The true Christian is uncommon for the reason that he is not in the majority; he is as different from the world in which he lives as Abraham was different from the inhabitants of Canaan. He is likely to be a lowly, humble, approachable man with no claims to greatness or superiority, but his moral standards, his attitudes toward fame, money, earthly pleasures, life and death, mark him as a being from another world.

Kevin DeYoung

It sounds really spiritual to say God is interested in a relationship, not in rules. But it’s not biblical. From top to bottom, the Bible is full of commands. They aren’t meant to stifle a relationship with God, but to protect it, seal it, and define it. Never forget: first God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, then He gave them the law. God’s people were not redeemed by observing the law. But they were redeemed so that they might obey the law.”