Brian Johnson

As a leader, I must resist using my team for personal gain, but rather position myself for their gain. Making room on the stage for their destinies to become a reality. It’s because the people on my team are called to influence spheres I will never have access too. As leaders, if we don’t think bigger than our personal destinies, nobody will last in our environments. Brilliance is birthed in an atmosphere where leaders become the biggest encouragers in the room, not just the biggest personalities, voices, and opinions.

Mark Sadler

Take heart, be encouraged, for Lord is going to reveal himself to you in these days ahead. This season of your life has brought you to this very place, to where you will begin to hunger again for the deep things of God.

Ralph Erskine

Let no extreme difficulty discourage you, and make you think, Oh! it is impossible relief can now come; What? Are not all things possible to him that hath all things in his hand? Yea, “All things are possible to him that believeth;” and it is possible for you to do all things through Christ strengthening you, even to overleap the highest walls, to break bows of steel in pieces, and wade through the deepest fords in your way.