Darlene Cunningham

God is an amazing communicator. The most common phrases in the Bible are “God said” or “the Lord said.” They are used 1,500 times in the Original Testament alone. But He speaks in different ways: through an audible voice, through dreams and visions, through angels, through that still small voice in our hearts, through the words of a godly friend or teacher, through new revelation into the Scriptures. God can speak any way He chooses to – He even spoke through a donkey once! He is looking for listening hearts.

Ruth Haley Barton

If we are able to stay with our frustrations long enough and not give up, we may begin to suspect that the things that most need to be known and solved and figured out in our life are not going to be discovered, solved or figured out at the thinking level anyway. The things we most need to know, solve and figure out will be heard at the listening level, that place within us where God’s Spirit witnesses with our spirit (Rom 8:16).

Eugene H. Peterson

We make a good start when we listen to God speak to us. This requires attentiveness and concentration. God does not speak in competition with other speakers, so he does not raise his voice or hire an advertising agency or public relations firm to work out a strategy to get us to listen. Because he speaks in his own voice, not in imitation of voices that we are more used to, many people never hear him. But he speaks all the same.